Saturday, November 30, 2013

CryptHook: Encrypting and Authenticating Network Traffic

CryptHook is a tool that hooks the send() and recv() system calls to apply encryption to a network application that does not provide encryption. The code is available here.

It uses the same key for both directions of communication. Traffic flowing from the client to the server is encrypted with the same key as the traffic flowing from the server to the client. It tries to use GCM to provide message authentication, but unfortunately, since it uses the same key for both directions and doesn't use sequence numbers, it's possible to:
  • Replay a party's messages back to itself.
  • Re-order messages.
  • Selectively drop messages.
It also derives the keys from a password, and does not exchange a session key, so there is no forward secrecy.

This one isn't so bad, especially given the environment it's operating in, but it's a good reminder that encrypting network traffic is extremely hard, and it's much better to stick to something like TLS or an OpenSSL VPN.

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